Adult Education

Adult Education


In the midst of growth, changes, and challenges, we are called to listen to the voice of God. We are all called to challenge ourselves and each other to deepen our understanding and our faith. How will YOU choose to grow?  Please sign up for adult classes by visiting the Information Station on Sundays or contact the Church Office at 402-391-0350.  Countryside has a dynamic approach to Adult Education through its small group ministries. Some on-going opportunities include:

Wednesday Night Alive in the CommonsWednesday Night Alive in the Commons is an Adult Education program designed to engage Countryside members during the Wednesday Night Alive activities during the school year.  “In the Commons” has a double meaning – the first being that the event takes place in our coffee house referred to as The Commons. It also aptly describes the programming itself.   A “commons-based” worldview emphasizes social justice, democratic participation, and environmental protection as essential elements to the sustainability of the human community.  We will cover a wide range of ways that engage us in our world and with each other, toward the common good. Click here for a list of upcoming speakers. Click here for videos of past speakers.

Phoenix Affirmations – This is a seven-week class offered 2-3 times throughout the year.  More of a discussion group than a class, the group is intended for all who seek an opportunity to engage in conversation with others around the core principles in the book The Phoenix Affirmations, by Eric Elnes.  A new group will start in March. Contact Terri Vincent  for more information.

Books, Bible and Beyond – Wednesdays at noon, Chapel – This group, facilitated by Nancy Ethington, meets over lunch to read and discuss a wide variety of books – nonfiction and fiction. The group is currently reading Short Stories by Jesus by Dr. Amy Jill Levine.   New participants are always welcome and can join in at any time.

Racial Justice Study Group (Mary Jo Weiss) – Mondays at 7:15 p.m. in the Commons.  This group picks books, articles and videos regarding the dynamic of race in America.  The group is currently reading and discussin Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.

Sunday Adult Education Forum and Brown Bag Lunches:

Believing that curiosity about the world God created is a holy instinct, the Adult Education classes use a variety of materials to engage in dynamic learning.  Currently, groups are using the resources from the Great Courses library.   These are taught by renowned professors from top professors from pre-eminent Universities across the nation and beyond.  Both groups meet for an hour – watching about 30 minutes of a DVD class and then following it with simple conversation.  The groups are always open to new faces and you do not have to commit to attending every week, though you can check out the DVD when you miss if you want to!  Two opportunities:

Adult Education Forum – Sundays at 10:10 in the Moderators Room – coffee and donut holes provided! Current topic: Daily Life in the Ancient World. Professor Robert Garland of Colgate University covers the breadth and depth of human history from the perspective of the so-called ordinary people, from its earliest beginnings through the Middle Ages, seeking to give new insights into what daily life was like—what the world actually looked, smelled, and felt like in Neanderthal caves, ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, and medieval Britain.

Adult Education Brown Bag Luncheon (Bill O’Dell) – Mondays at 12:15 in the Chapel – bring a lunch! The group is studying The Great Courses :  Dr. Amy-Jill Levin’s The Old Testament.

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